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Most residential homes are not constructed with a flat roof, whereas most commercial buildings are built with this type of structure. If you are the owner of a residential or commercial building with a flat roof you have most likely experienced a leak. This is particularly true if the roof is flat.

The average time it takes for a leak to happen on How to Repair an Old Asphalt Roof Woodbridge CA 95258 a flat roof is five to ten years, and these leaks generally are the types that require a bucket underneath. You are probably frustrated with the number and severity of flat roof repairs if you own this style of construction.

The largest question for flat roof repairs is whether you should even bother to fix the problem. The techniques do exist for improving Woodbridge CA 95258 the durability of these type roofs, but it requires much more than a hit-or-miss patching job. There are many roofing companies who claim to seal the damage at a discount price.

In these cases you get what you pay for! Often the companies are unfamiliar with the proper techniques and/or products to correctly stop the leaking from a flat roof. If you choose Rubber Roof Repair - What Can You Do? Woodbridge CA 95258 to repair, you must choose a contractor who specializes in these types of repairs.

The best choice for flat roof repairs is to properly seal all the elements that protrude from the surface of the roof. These elements could be pipes, vents, heat and air units or chimneys. If these areas are not correctly cleaned and re-sealed, they will leak again in the Woodbridge CA 95258 near future.

They are vulnerable spots in the roof by their very nature – after all, they are holes with something in them! Once these are addressed, a professional contractor can use a leading edge technology product such as EPDM to resurface the roof. This rubber-like material has all the qualities necessary for extending the life and durability of a flat roof.

You may Woodbridge CA 95258 have spent inordinate amounts of money through the years on flat roof repairs. Yet, every spring there seem to be more leaks. The next most practical option may be to pass on the repair work in favor of building a sloping roofline over the existing structure. This may not be an option in commercial districts, but would mostly likely be feasible for Woodbridge CA 95258 residential areas.

This would solve the largest leak-generating problem associated with flat roofs – standing water. You would be well advised to seek the consultation of a professional contractor regarding an improved style of roof. Otherwise, you may be spending money again next year.

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